Hispabaño, a Spanish manufacturer of bathroom and shower screens, presents its new catalogue.

We want this issue to continue reflecting prevailing market trends in shower screens, in terms of aesthetics and need for integrated spaces.

We cannot ignore the reality of the moment. As national manufacturers of screens built to measure, we have created a new line of inexpensive products that enable our customers to enjoy the quality of a national product at affordable and competitive prices.

For over 20 years, we have focused on the product and its manufacturing process, and in providing exceptional service and support to our customers, workers and suppliers. We are well aware that a good service must cover all needs. We are proud to offer these products, which bring a sense of satisfaction to our customers.

This regular publication seeks to serve as an effective and transparent search tool to find any screen model and its price easily. As the manufacturer of our shower and bath screens, we can provide creative solutions for any budget.

We are currently present in 5 countries -Spain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Portugal-, with prospects for growth through international expansion.

Thank you for your trust. HISPABAÑO’s customer base continues to grow each day and we truly appreciate your renewed confidence in us.